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16th to 21st Century

Stuart Denenberg opened his first gallery in Boston in 1965. Beverly Denenberg, an art historian, former museum director, and museum curator joined Denenberg Fine Arts in 1986. The gallery has placed important archives in museums, has organized complex estate inventories for liquidation, and has acted in an advisory capacity to private and public collections. Inquiries are welcome regarding outright purchase or consignment.

Denenberg Fine Arts actively buys and sells museum quality American and International paintings, sculpture, drawings, fine graphics, dating from the 15th to the 21st century, as well as ancient to modern objets d’art. Our inventory holds a wide range of art carefully chosen with respect to quality, rarity, beauty, and condition for both beginning and advanced collectors. The private gallery permits relaxed viewing and contemplation. Authenticity is always guaranteed.

Rochelle Caper:

Color, Memory, and the Unconscious

“My paintings are about color, memory, and the unconscious. By the unconscious, I mean fantasy, fantasy that has to do with primitive instincts and emotional potency. I think artists are perhaps among those people closest to this primitive material as a daily experience in the studio. It is only through willingness to remain in close touch with these sometimes dangerous and harsh and sometimes beautiful and moving fantasies that the significant work emerges. It is in the process of my work that color and content revive the fantasy and hopefully hold the viewer to some experience of that revived state. “

Rochelle Caper

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