PUTNAM – “Tiger Love”



“Tiger Love,” 1911, Cast and patinated bronze, 12 1/2 x 7 1/2 x 7 inches

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Patinated by Putnam personally in 1911 with typical clumsy underside retaining elements of the original mold material in the interstices ( from conversation some years ago with the DeYoung Museum’s late Curator of the Putnam collection  Donald Stover, Curator of Decorative Arts) and cast at the Roman Bronze Foundry in New York, this is one of the Putnam’s last works before a devastating stroke that year from which he never fully recovered.  Later bronzes cast in Paris at the Rudier foundry

This sculpture reflects first-hand knowledge–the artist had trapped pumas on the Southwest Plains for the San Francisco Zoo, as well as observed and sketched them in the wild.  Considered the greatest sculptor of California, called the “American Rodin,” he mastered the technique of lost-wax bronze casting, established his own foundry, and produced sculptures of wild animals on large and small scale in addition to producing architectural elements for Bruce Porter

He studied at the Art Students League with Emil Carlsen, Arthur Mathews, Fred Yates. Pupil and assistant of Rupert Schmidt.

A full superb biography is available here:

Arthur Putnam