AUDREY FLACK, “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright,” 2019

$15,000 $13,500

Acrylic, ink, and glitter on canvas
16 x 20 inches

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Audrey Flack (American, 1931-)

Audrey Flack’s work pioneered the genre of photorealism, and has grown to encompass painting, sculpture, and photography. Her photorealist paintings were the first in the genre to be purchased for MOMA’s permanent collection; they have had a major international influence. She maintains a large studio in Easthampton, and a second studio and residence on Riverside Drive, New York.  Flack has numerous academic degrees, including both a graduate and an honorary doctorate from Cooper Union in New York City. In addition to a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Yale University she also attended New York University Institute of Fine Arts where she studied art history. In May 2015, she received a second honorary doctorate from Clark University, where she gave a commencement address.