Diana Hobson, “Breakthrough,” acrylic on canvas, 2019, 53 x 38 inches


Acrylic on canvas, 53 x 38 inches



Artist’s statement:

“Exuberant orange line crashes through obstacles and achieves the light accompanied by happy (pink) friends”

Early on, Diana Hobson realized that a serious painter might face a financial struggle, so she decided to work in real estate. She was good at it.  Her studios in Los Angeles and in Manhattan are now the scene of independent, dedicated work and  creative breakthroughs in paint.

When she was eight, she chanced to see a reproduction of El Greco’s “Toledo in the Storm.” The painting inspired her to pursue art. She promptly began expressing herself visually then and has not stopped.

She was educated at the Connecticut College for Women and Trinity University. Her paintings have been shown in various exhibitions in the greater Los Angeles area and in New York venues including the Mercantile Exchange, as well as being the featured artist in a display at the Nagoya City Museum in Nagoya, Japan.

She points to Wassily Kandinsky, considered the father of abstract art, as a significant influence on her work. “Much talk is heard in these times about art as a tool of self-expression. I would hold that it is at least equally important as a means of recording an era,” she commented in an interview.