Sold-LORRAINE BUBAR, “Balance,” 2016

Papercut, 26 x 23 inches

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Lorraine Bubar is a native of Los Angeles. She received her B.A. from UCLA, and  studied animation at Yale University. Her short independent films have won numerous awards at animation festivals around the world.  Lorraine worked for many years animating commercials, doing effects for feature films, and film titles.  During that time, she exhibited her watercolor paintings in numerous art exhibitions.  She was the featured artist for a calendar published by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and illustrated a children’s book, Lullaby, in her distinctive watercolor style.  For several years she taught animation at Santa Monica Community College.  Her love for drawing and painting lead her to get a Masters in Art Education and a Teaching Credential.  She has taught studio arts to middle and high school students. 

Her love of hiking and traveling to beautiful places has lead her to being the Artist-in-Residence at Denali, Zion, Petrified Forest, and Lassen Volcanic National Parks. While traveling the world she realized that in numerous cultures artisans create various forms of papercuts. Her painterly work is created from layers of colored papers, reflecting the long heritage of papercutting, and capturing diverse ecosystems of her travels.  Many of her papercuts illustrate the diversity of the flora and fauna in natural environments as well as illustrating the chaos of our urban landscapes as freeway interchanges, construction, and population density transform our habitat.  Cutting with an x-acto knife, Bubar creates images composed of layers of paper–and layers of meaning.