ARRIETA, “People,” 1953



Color silkscreen, 9 1/2 x 14 inches

Signed, titled

Edition 30


There was an early interest in Los Angeles in the transformation of color silkscreen, formerly used only for commercial work, to the purposes of “fine art.” The important Viennese dealer, Felix Landau, and his Felix Landau Gallery on La Cienega, promoted and collected works by a number of these artists, many of whom are not recorded in the “canon.” A selection of these color silkscreens is being made available by the heirs of the Landau Family Collection. The prints are wonderfully “mid-century, ” in excellent condition, and date from the 1940s and 50s.   The collection includes artists Arrieta Maribel, Marian Aultman, Roberta Beggins, Dorothy Bowman, Carmella Dallo, Charlotte Dillon, Ernest Freed, Cliff Freeland, P. Friel, Robert Goe, Madeline Fockens Haase, Joyce Heimberger, Riva Helfond, Stan Jackson, Steve Jacobsen, Roger Kuntz, Kunuhara, Jack Locker, Alisa Ludlo, Guy Maccoy, Chester Magdole, Clarin Massimino, Rudy Matthews, Wanda Miller, Margaret Moroney, P. O’Gorman, Barbara Romanoski, Phyl(lis) Sorghan, H. Steinbach