RITZER (German, 1942-) “Sunset”


Peter Ritzer (Germany, 1942-)

Sunset, 2007

Digital pigment print, 8 1/2 x 8 1/2  inches

On sheet 19 3/4 x 15 3/4 inches

Edition 4/15

Signed, numbered, dated


Born 1942 in Munich, Germany, Peter Ritzer studied History of Art at the University of Munich and Painting at the Munich Academy of Arts.

From 1976 numerous single exhibitions both in Europe and the USA.

He participated regularly in the ART BASEL and the international art fairs in Geneva, Vienna, Barcelona, Ghent, and New York.

He has lived in Ibiza since 1998.

One Man Shows


1978  Galerie Beletage, Düsseldorf

1981  Galerie Preuss, Hamburg

1982  Galerie An Groß St. Martin, Köln

Galerie Beletage, Düsseldorf

1983  Galerie Preuss, Hamburg

Galerie Hanfstaengl, München

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1984  Galerie Bollhagen, Worpswede

Galierie Stadthaus, St.Gallen

Galerie Angerer, Schwaz, Tirol

Galerie Götz, Stuttgart

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Galerie Hanfstaengl, München

El-Baz Gallery, New York

Pacific Gallery, Malibu

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Galerie Florimont, Lausanne

Galerie Vila Bianchi, Uster, Schweiz

Galerie Angerer, Tirol

1989  Biota Gallery, Los Angeles

El-Baz Gallery, New York

1990  Weber Contemporary Art, München

Galerie Zentrum, Wien

Biota Gallery, Los Angeles

1991  Consulate General of the Federal Republik of Germany, New York

Bavarian State Ministry for Federal and European Affairs, Bonn

Cézanne Gallery, Bakersfield, CA

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1992  Galerie Beletage, Düsseldorf

Galerie Florimont, Lausanne

1993  Galerie 63, Klosters, Schweiz

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Pacific Gallery, Malibu

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2000  Cleo, Glarus

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2001  Galería Alhadros, Ibiza

Galerie Florimont, Lausanne

2002  Galerie Beletage, Düsseldorf

2004  77 Gallery, New York

2006  Galerie Richard, Küsnacht

2007  Deborah Davis Fine Art, Hudson, N.Y.

2008  Galerie Richard, Küsnacht

Galerie Beletage, Düsseldorf

2012  Galerie Richard, Küsnach


1979  Große Kunstausstellung, Haus der Kunst, München

1981  Galleria Castelnuovo, Ascona

1982  Galerie Isy Brachot, Brüssel


1983  ART’ 14, Intenat. Kunstmesse, Basel

1984  Galerie Pro Arte, Morges “Neue Landschaft”

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SEEN Galleries, London

Kunst- und Antiquitätenmesse, Wien

1985  ART’ 16, Basel

Interart, Salzburg

1986  Kunst- und Antiquitätenmesse, Wien

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Kunst- und Antiquitätenmesse, Wien

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1989  ART’ 20, Basel

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The Allrich Gallery, San Francisco

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1997  Hunsaker/ Sclesinger Gallery, Sta. Monica

1999  Galerie Wild, Frankfurt

Kunstmesse Strassburg



2001  Art Expo Barcelona